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Another Bulletproof integrated Control Solution by the Digitot team.

Together with Gap Draught we have mastered the control of draught beer, from cold room to flash cooler to tap.

Draught Control

Here are some of the reasons why acquiring this product is a no brainer:

  • Precise variance calculator: Monitor over/under pouring, track date, time and size of each pour
  • Real time tracking of pouring: Monitor over/under pouring, track date, time and size of each
  • Automated Sanitisation Detection: Automatic detection and removal of sanitisation volumes, next sanitisation countdown
  • Integrated Into Pos Systems: Digitot pulls in sales to allow matching to pours
  • Receive Instant email alerts: No pouring alert and cooler alerts help you take action to avoid stock-outs or serving warm beer
  • Easy stock management: Eliminates time and effort of weighing kegs. Email notifications when stock levels hit minimum threshold
  • Monitor Draught quality: You can monitor your draught freshness in real-time
  • Cloud based = easy access: Access Web Based Reporting online on PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone – wherever you are

Example of an integrated Digitot & Gap Draught Report

Digitot Beer Control

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