20+ Years in the Hospitality Industry

Digitot Offers Clients in the Hospitality Industry an Independent, Unbiased On-site Stock Take

This stocktake is carried out by our team, consisting of a stock computer and a verifier. Once the count is done and verified, we will provide you with a comprehensive variance report. The On-site Stock Take is a 3 step procedure as depicted below.

3 Step Procedure

Step 1: Tools

  • Digitag 204
  • 15kg Scale
  • 300kg scale
  • Stock Counter
  • Stock Verifier
  • Integrates to leading POS companies

Step 2: Process

  • Physical stock take
  • Stock take verification
  • Sales & purchases imported to stock report

Step 3: Result

  • Variance Report is generated and the report will reflect a stock variance


  • Stock counts are carried out by one external company making reports unbiased
  • Pin points areas with losses
  • Density testing on spirits, checking if theyhave been watered down
  • Variance reports mailed directly to owner or manager
  • Stock can be cross checked against counts done by your staff
  • Accuracy & accountability is improved
  • Stock purchases will be more accurate, preventing over or under purchasing

Pricing Structure

On-site Stock Take
Prices for On-site Stock Take are dependent on venue size
Initial setup and configuration starts from R1950.00
Stock counts are charged at R500.00 per hour
Travel outside of 30km radius from Digitot regional office billed@ R4.00/km
Why Choose Digitot

Only Digitot combines Point of Sale, Precision Dispensing & Stock Control into one ultra effective hospitality solution.

Innovation and service excellence. Our passion, your benefit.

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