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Paperless Stock Counting Solution!

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What do all these inventory items have in common.






Soft drinks

They Can Be All Controlled by Digitag!

Spirit Alcohol

Kitchen Items

Integrated Reports

The Digitag Stock Control Solution

Icon Stock Control

Stock control Barcode Scanner

Robust & user-friendly hand-held computer, specifically designed to save time & eliminate human error. 15KG Load Sensor used in conjunction with...... the scanner to determine remaining quantities in an open bottle of spirits, taking into consideration, liquid density and mass. 300KG Load Sensor is used in conjunction with the scanner to count larger stock items such as meat portions, vegetables, kegs of beer & other general inventory items.

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Icon Cloud Storage

Cloud and Email Reporting

All scanned information is securely uploaded to Digitot’s cloud facility. This information can be accessed at any time. Stock and variance reports be emailed directly to clients from our reporting team on a daily basis.

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The Stock Control Barcode Scanner integrates seamlessly to Digitot’s POS and other leading POS companies, such as Digitot, Gaap, Pilot & Micros.


  • Reduces human error
  • Improves accuracy
  • Paperless stock counts
  • Cloud based
  • Time saving
  • Integrates to leading POS companies
  • Automated variance reports
  • Increases accountability
Inventory Control
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Only Digitot combines Point of Sale, Precision Dispensing & Stock Control into one ultra effective hospitality solution.

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