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Why more franchises are choosing Digitot?

Only Digitot can offer a franchise a custom solution to fit their business operations and principles. We help you entrench a control solution for the Franchise holder and Franchisee. Use one service provider for all your control requirements.

No Finger Pointing, Buck stops at US!

Pay only for what your business requires.

Our Products cover all areas of a restaurant, namely:

Point of Sale, Cloud reporting & Back Office, Automated Stocking Taking, Portion Control and Swipe card machines fully integrate together. However, you have the option to chose and pay for what fits your business. You can start off small and improve your controls as your business expands. This separates us from the rest.


Cloud Based Central Control

Allows a franchisee to control all his franchises from a central location.

You have the option to control your business via our web based comprehensive dashboard and back office. The Digitot Dashboard helps you instantly analyse your store’s sales and track inventory from anytime, anywhere.

Sales Summary Report

Mobile Control from your Phone

For travellers and persons on holiday one can quickly track their business from reports sent to your mobile. Reports received and viewed on your mobile app are in real time and to the minute.

Digitot reporting APP is available to Android and Apple Users, worldwide.

Understanding Our Customer Requirements

We have been in business long enough and on all 6 continents to know that no 2 businesses operate in the same way. Our job is to fit our product to suit your business model seamlessly. Through our inhouse full stack development teams we have been able to customize special requirements for our group customers. Improving the controls and customer service in their business.

Data Distributor

National Control From One Central Location

Manage all of your venues, nationally or international from one central location with Digitot Data Distributor. Control pricing, specials and more, faster and efficiently.

Digitot Data Distributor is well suited for groups and franchised stores. Pricing and specials can be done at head office level and sent out to the stores from one central location.

This ensures that there is consistency at all stores nationwide and store owners adhere to rules and regulations from head office level. Report groups can be also be managed using data distributor again ensuring consistency at store level and that all store owners are providing reporting as required by the head offices.

The figure below demonstrates the use of Digitot POS Data Distributor.

Digitot Diagram

Group Features

Management of the Venues linked to the Group.

Creation and management of entities at Group level:

  • Users
  • User permissions
  • Currencies
  • Taxes
  • Units of measure
  • Departments
  • Item groups (Categories)
  • Items
  • Menu items
  • Suppliers
  • Purchase orders

Creation and management of entities at Venue level:

  • Users
  • User permissions
  • Zones
  • Currencies
  • Taxes
  • Units of measure
  • Departments
  • Item groups (Categories)
  • Items
  • Menu items
  • Suppliers
  • Purchase orders
  • GRVs
  • Stock transfers
  • Stocktakes
  • Stock on Hand
  • Recipes
  • Production orders
  • Automatic selling price update from GRVs (when the Venue is linked to the Digitot POS software)
  • Visualization of sales in each Zone (when the Venue is linked to the Digitot POS software).
  • Viewing, printing, emailing reports (stocktake, simple variance, etc).
  • Powerful user interface with filtering, sorting, editing, reordering and data export features.

Modern dashboard interface for quick and easy visualisation of critical data.

Fully Automated Integrated Report

Only Digitot can provide you an automated, fully integrated variance report at a touch of a button. Including paperless stock counts.

In business the bottom line is everything!

So why Chose Digitot?

  • The owners of the business are easily reachable. If you are a boss speak to the boss.
  • Our products are fairly priced
  • We have national coverage with an online direct support centre.
  • Our products hold trademarks and patents we are NOT distributors.
  • We are open to discuss custom development to suit your franchise
  • Our products are easy to use and fully integrate
  • Our products are developed on the latest platforms and bring cutting edge technology to your business.
  • Our costing models gives a business multiple procurement options, making our products affordable.
  • Contracts are flexible and generally for short periods of time.
  • Our experience in hospitality is second to none
  • We have from very small to very large blue-chip customers.

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