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The Digitot Reseller Opportunity

The Digitot Reseller allows you to provide world class solutions and services to various businesses in the hospitality industry.

Our solutions help them to dramatically reduce losses, grow their business and resolve operational issues whilst you operate a highly profitable and sustainable business starting from only $2,500.00.

Target Markets

Restaurants, Casino’s, Hotels, Pubs, Coffee Shops, Golf Clubs, Theme Parks.

Did you know?

You could earn in excess of $ 5000,00 per month controlling only one property.

Starting Up…

1. Speak to our experienced team members

Request more information by completing our online form, you will then be contacted by one of our experienced team members. This team member will answer all your questions and assist you to identify the potential for a Digitot Reseller in your area or region.

2. Getting Started Up

Once you’ve purchased your franchise, we will provide you with a week’s training at one of our regional offices or via a media platform. During training, our team will take you through our systems and procedures, as well as marketing and material for marketing.

Why choose a Digitot Reseller?
  • Minimal Start-up Costs

  • Huge Customer Potential

  • Flexible Working Hours

  • Recurring Revenue Generator

  • Little Experience Needed

  • Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Support from Digitot Head Office

  • Receive Customer Referrals for Your Area

Our Products: Complete Turn Key Inventory Solution

Point of Sale

Controls front of house, receipt to sale.

Back Office

Controls back of house, procurement and stock on hand.

Digitag 204

Stock taking hand held computer that counts stock on hand accurately reducing human error.

Spirit Dispenser

Accurate, electronic alcohol spirit dispensers.

Beer Control Meter

Monitors the flow of beer.

Mobile Bar

A mobile serving bar perfect for casino floors and outdoor events.

Visit our group website to learn more about our control products
Distribution Price List available on request

The Problem & Solution

Controlling inventory within the industry is extremely difficult. Much greater losses are encountered in the hospitality industry than in other industry. Prevention requires adhering to a strict procedures and most restaurants do not have the tools, time to do this. This gives you an opportunity to fill this void within the industry, providing exceptional solutions and services.

Proven Formula

Digitot has been leaders in the industry for over 20 years assisting various companies curb their losses by providing innovative solutions on all 6 continents. We are an established & well known brand world-wide.

What's Next

Part of being a success in business is growing with the right partners. With our proven track record world wide, Digitot are the right business partner to grow with. We look for individuals who are leaders and those who are determined to be a success.

To be successful in this reseller you have to have small capital to launch and grow the business. The initial investment starts from $2,500-00.

If you feel there would be mutual interest in joining our team, kindly contact us to discuss the opportunity that would fit you best. One of our experienced team members are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Digitot Stock Count Guidelines
  • Assess the site to confirm where the shortages are occurring so you can establish patterns
  • Carry out counts at all revenue centres at the venue, including store rooms / bulk stores
  • Note that items can be separated per zone or rev centre. Alternately, a count can be done collectively for the entire venue.
  • Once the counts in the areas are done and the figures are uploaded to the cloud based reporting software, you will automatically receive the sales from the Digitot POS to the cloud based reporting software.
  • This will then appear on the stock report in the “Sold” column were these figures will be deducted from the “Opening Stock”
  • So, Opening Stock – Sales = Theoretical Stock Value, which should = “Actual / Physical Stock”
  • Should the “Actual Stock” be lower than the Theoretical value, the client has experienced a negative variance.
  • Should the “Actual Stock” be higher than the Theoretical value, the client has experienced a positive variance.
  • This can be presented to the owner of the venue, for further investigation.
  • A sample variance report is shown below.

Stock Count Process


Scan the barcode of the stock item


Upload the information gathered once you have completed the stock take


Log in to Digitot's Remote Reporting software to view or download your variance report

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