Point of Sale Support That Won’t Leave You Stranded

365 days a year Point of Sale support and world-class training for our software & hardware means you can keep your business running smoothly and with confidence.


Digitot offers world class 24/7/365 support and comprehensive training to clients within and beyond our borders.

We believe that in-depth training is one of the key components of a successfully point-of-sale system deployment and recognize that the hospitality industry experiences a substantially higher employee turnover rate than many other industries. In order to address this unique situation, we offer on-demand training classes, refresher courses and several other training options customized to every user’s specific requirement. Training is available on the whole Point-of-Sale System operations, from Menu Programming to Front of House operations, Manager Functions, Reporting, etc. Training can be provided in a one-on-one or group basis, either in-person on site or on-line through web sessions.

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International Client Support & Training

We provide our international clients with remote and telephonic support. We also have the option of our one of our technicians to travel to our international client’s venue to carry our either support or training onsite or both.

Comprehensive online training session can be arranged and is carried out on Skype and Teamviewer.

Onsite Training

At Digitot we believe that training our clients at their venue is the best solution as the client is in their own space, using their own equipment making them comfortable. This onsite training is much more personal that class room style which we believe is not as effective as the one on one we offer onsite in the comfort of your own venue.

This also make assessing a client’s capabilities much easier, and all issues can be addressed immediately on the spot as this is one on one.

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